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The prokka module uses Prokka to rapidly annotate bacterial genomes in a standardized fashion.

Output Overview

Below is the default output structure for the prokka step in Bactopia. Where possible the file descriptions below were modified from a tools description.

│   └── main
│       └── annotator
│           └── prokka
│               ├── <SAMPLE_NAME>-blastdb.tar.gz
│               ├── <SAMPLE_NAME>.faa.gz
│               ├── <SAMPLE_NAME>.ffn.gz
│               ├── <SAMPLE_NAME>.fna.gz
│               ├── <SAMPLE_NAME>.fsa.gz
│               ├── <SAMPLE_NAME>.gbk.gz
│               ├── <SAMPLE_NAME>.gff.gz
│               ├── <SAMPLE_NAME>.sqn.gz
│               ├── <SAMPLE_NAME>.tbl.gz
│               ├── <SAMPLE_NAME>.tsv
│               ├── <SAMPLE_NAME>.txt
│               └── logs
│                   ├── <SAMPLE_NAME>.{err|log}
│                   ├── nf-prokka.{begin,err,log,out,run,sh,trace}
│                   └── versions.yml
└── bactopia-runs
    └── prokka-<TIMESTAMP>
        └── nf-reports
            ├── prokka-report.html
            ├── prokka-timeline.html
            └── prokka-trace.txt



Below is a description of the per-sample results from Prokka.

Extension Description
.blastdb.tar.gz A gzipped tar archive of BLAST+ database of the contigs, genes, and proteins
.faa.gz Protein FASTA file of the translated CDS sequences.
.ffn.gz Nucleotide FASTA file of all the prediction transcripts (CDS, rRNA, tRNA, tmRNA, misc_RNA)
.fna.gz Nucleotide FASTA file of the input contig sequences.
.gbk.gz This is a standard GenBank file derived from the master .gff. If the input to prokka was a multi-FASTA, then this will be a multi-GenBank, with one record for each sequence.
.gff.gz This is the master annotation in GFF3 format, containing both sequences and annotations. It can be viewed directly in Artemis or IGV.
.sqn.gz An ASN1 format "Sequin" file for submission to GenBank. It needs to be edited to set the correct taxonomy, authors, related publication etc.
.tbl.gz Feature Table file, used by "tbl2asn" to create the .sqn file.
.tsv Tab-separated file of all features (locus_tag,ftype,len_bp,gene,EC_number,COG,product)
.txt Statistics relating to the annotated features found.

Audit Trail

Below are files that can assist you in understanding which parameters and program versions were used.


Each process that is executed will have a folder named logs. In this folder are helpful files for you to review if the need ever arises.

Extension Description
.begin An empty file used to designate the process started
.err Contains STDERR outputs from the process
.log Contains both STDERR and STDOUT outputs from the process
.out Contains STDOUT outputs from the process
.run The script Nextflow uses to stage/unstage files and queue processes based on given profile
.sh The script executed by bash for the process
.trace The Nextflow Trace report for the process
versions.yml A YAML formatted file with program versions



Parameter Description
--proteins FASTA file of trusted proteins to first annotate from
Type: string
--prodigal_tf Training file to use for Prodigal
Type: string
--compliant Force Genbank/ENA/DDJB compliance
Type: boolean
--centre Sequencing centre ID
Type: string, Default: Bactopia
--prokka_coverage Minimum coverage on query protein
Type: integer, Default: 80
--prokka_evalue Similarity e-value cut-off
Type: string, Default: 1e-09
--prokka_opts Extra Prokka options in quotes.
Type: string


If you use Bactopia and prokka in your analysis, please cite the following.